Applied Market Research

WolfBrown has pioneered applied market research methods to assist arts and cultural organizations in gaining insight into their customers and marketplaces in order to enhance impact and operating results. Our research in this area draws on a wide range of quantitative and qualitative research designs and analytical methods. Over the years we have developed expertise in all forms of survey research, as well as qualitative methods such as participatory interviewing, experiential tours and accompanied visits, and observational research. With every project, we seek a deep collaboration with our clients to achieve the clarity of purpose and trust required to ask difficult questions and the fortitude necessary to act upon the results. Through countless audience and visitor studies for a broad range of agencies and institutions, we have gained a sharp perspective on trends in cultural participation, buyer behaviors, preference discovery and deep insight into the rapidly changing tastes of cultural consumers. In 2020 we launched the Audience Outlook Monitor to provide arts and cultural organizations of all types and budget sizes with access to high quality research at a low cost.

Services Offered:

Audience and donor studies, including segmentation studies

Impact assessment and customer feedback, including Intrinsic Impact

Concept testing studies for new programs or product lines

Prospect research, market quality analysis, competitive analysis

Audience Outlook Monitor (cohort studies)