Amplifying Creative Opportunities

WolfBrown’s Amplifying Creative Opportunities assists institutions and communities in designing, implementing, and  evaluating creative learning programs spanning all age groups. Our innovative, sector-leading work in this area includes basic research, integrative landscape and literature reviews, participatory and summative program evaluations, all with the understanding of how these programs build the diverse creative capital in individuals, families and communities.

In our work, creative learning includes arts and culture, learning through artistic and cultural experience, as well as creative endeavors in the fields of design, technology, science, and engineering. In addition, we assume that creative learning is a basic human right that should be an integral part of cultural venues, schools, public spaces, and work places. We believe that creative activity never ends but can be reaped across the lifespan, from early childhood through late adulthood in both formal and informal settings.

In line with our curiosity about human creative development, we use a wide range of methods to conduct our inquiries and findings: rigorous research experiments, field-based ethnographies and observations, in-depth narrative case studies, and dashboards and infographic displays.

Our clients in this practice area include government agencies, private foundations, and institutions both large and small.

Services Offered:

-Foundational research into the development of human creative capacities, with an emphasis on what facilitates and limits this kind of growth 

-Integrative literature and landscape reviews designed to inform policy choices at foundations and government agencies

-Planning and design of initiatives that expand who has access to high-quality creative activity

-Evaluation of programs with respect to quality, equity, and sustained pathways

-Development of databases and dashboard displays portraying programs’ implementation, reach, and effectiveness

-Capacity-building and staff development, with particular emphasis on creative youth development, and the support of emerging leaders in the field