Practice Areas

Our goal has always been to understand each organization individually, to recognize potential, to provoke new ways of thinking, to bolster strengths, and offer strategies to address challenges. We work with clients as partners, ensuring wide ownership of the outcomes, and providing a clear blueprint for future action.


Amplifying Creative Opportunities

WolfBrown’s Amplifying Creative Opportunities assists institutions and communities in designing, implementing, and  evaluating creative learning programs spanning all age groups. Our innovative, sector-leading work in this area includes basic research, integrative landscape and literature reviews, participatory and summative program evaluations, all with the understanding of how these programs build the diverse creative capital in individuals, families and communities.


Evaluation and Accountability

With its broad, first-hand experience in the cultural sector, WolfBrown offers the objective, informed perspective and research experience that is necessary for effective design and evaluation of foundation grant programs and funded programming initiatives. Our work in this area centers on equity and we continuously strive to incorporate the principles of equitable evaluation into our project staffing and research designs.


Applied Market Research

WolfBrown has pioneered applied market research methods to assist arts and cultural organizations in gaining insight into their customers and marketplaces in order to enhance impact and operating results. Our research in this area draws on a wide range of quantitative and qualitative research designs and analytical methods. Over the years we have developed expertise in all forms of survey research, as well as qualitative methods such as participatory interviewing, experiential tours and accompanied visits, and observational research. 


Policy Research

WolfBrown has completed important policy-driven research assignments for the National Endowment for the Arts, Canada Council for the Arts, Arts Council England, Australia Council for the Arts, Federation of State Humanities Councils, California Arts Council and numerous other state and local arts agencies and private foundations. 


Organizational Development and Planning

WolfBrown consultants have led strategic planning processes for organizations of all sizes, and at all stages of development, across the arts and culture sector. Each planning project is tailored to the organization’s needs, and starts with a dialogue about what sort of planning process will yield the best result. Will the organization be served by scenario planning? Is it ready for paradigmatic change? Should the planning process investigate multiple visions for the future, or just one? How will the organization’s commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion be manifest in the planning work?