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SPARK Change

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

Dennie Palmer Wolf

Steven J. Holochwost

Alan Brown

Megan Bander

Published by New Victory Theatre

May 2021


Dennie Palmer Wolf, Steven Holochwost, Alan Brown, and Megan Bander partnered with New Victory Theater and the New Victory SPARK program to develop a rigorous research protocol that measures the impacts of the arts on young people, including their appreciation for artistry, the impulse to try new things, the capacity for self-reflection, an appreciation of someone’s life that is different from their own, and their aspirations for the future, among others.

Read the report from New 42 here.

Further Reading:

Dive deeper into the research by reading the May 2021 article, “Delineating the Benefits of Arts Education for Children’s Socioemotional Development,” from Steven J. Holochwost, Thalia R. Goldstein, and Dennie Palmer Wolf here.

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