• WolfBrown

Performing Arts Ticket Buyer Media Usage Study

Updated: Dec 22, 2020


Capacity Interactive

Published December, 2017


In a rapidly changing media environment it can be dif cult for performing arts organizations to keep up with ever-evolving audience behavior. While it is clear that their patrons’ interests, media habits, and communications preferences are changing, it’s not always evident how they are changing, and data specific to performing arts buyers has been dif cult to come by. Many organizations, particularly smaller ones, don’t have the necessary resources to commission extensive market research, and it’s often questionable whether the trends in media habits and online behavior observed in studies of the general population apply to performing arts audiences, who are, after all, a self-selecting and somewhat exceptional sub-group within the population.

Through an innovative partnership, Capacity Interactive and WolfBrown sought to address this gap by producing a definitive report on the media habits of performing arts patrons in the US and Canada. Beyond general media usage patterns, we have sought to determine through which channels patrons are most likely to learn about upcoming performing arts events and which devices they use in the information gathering and purchasing processes. Capacity Interactive and WolfBrown are pleased to present new data-driven insights on ticket buyers for performing arts events. The results are based on almost 27,000 responses to an online survey from patrons of 58 performing arts organizations across the US and Canada. This white paper presents key findings from WolfBrown’s analysis of the data along with insights from Capacity Interactive that suggest practical applications for digital marketing.

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