• Dr. Dennie Palmer Wolf & Dr. Steven Holochwost

Building Creative Capital

Dennie Palmer Wolf

Steven J. Holochwost



“Creative capital is the network of understandings, values, activities, and relationships that individuals, organizations, and communities develop when they share what earlier generations have imagined and when they, in turn, generate and pass on what they imagine.”

WolfBrown created this guide for their clients (and organizations like them)—companies, communities, and metropolitan regions—to help them measure the impact of what they do. Drawing on new understandings of creativity, as well as a number of WolfBrown projects, Dr. Dennis Palmer Wolf and Dr. Steven Holochwost suggest that the focus on building creative capital is a powerful way to think about planning for, executing, and measuring the impact of the arts and culture. By way of example, they examine how this framework has informed and energized one of the most active sectors of WolfBrown's work: arts and cultural education.

Study data comes from Big Thought in Dallas, Texas where much of the research underlying this work was conducted; as well as Community MusicWorks in Providence, RI; DreamYard in the Bronx, NY; and The Right Brain Initiative in Portland, OR.

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