Creative Generation and WolfBrown Edit a Special Edition of Arts Education Policy Review: ACE in Crisis

In this special edition of Arts Education Policy Review (AEPR), Dennie Palmer Wolf and co-editor, Jeff Poulin of Creative Generation, bring together a variety of perspectives from community-based arts organizations around the world to highlight and reflect upon the ways in which they, their organizations, their localities, and the youth they serve responded to the COVID-19 pandemic between March - September of 2020.

These articles reflect the uncertainty that marked the early months of the pandemic - a time when youth-centered arts organizations sought to balance cultivating creative skill-building, inquiry, and expression with providing essential services akin to those of food pantries, internet hubs, and financial clinics. In making that transition, old habits and assumptions gave way to fundamental questions about the definitions of art, arts education, community, leadership, funding, and policy.

The edition features articles from Dennie Palmer Wolf and Jeff Poulin; Jeff Poulin; Rodrigo Guerrero; Rachael Jabos, Michael Finneran, and Tere Quintannilla D’Acosta; and Tina LaPadula, James Miles, and Olisa “Spyc-E” Enrico.

Additional information about the articles, including where to access them, is available in the publications section of our website. All five articles will be free to access from Tuesday, February 16th through Friday, April 30th, 2021.