Cultivating New Leaders

WolfBrown is dedicated to the cultivation of young leaders in the arts research and evaluation fields. This not only involves the development of transparent processes that strive for youth voice and youth participation through evidence gathering, but also the incorporation of youth voice into the very design and implementation of our research. We strive for this two-pronged approach to ensure that all evaluations in our arts education and integration work are designed with, not for those who directly benefit from the programs. To evaluate and measure without their input and consideration is to, in many ways, fail to evaluate and measure what matters - what is difficult but necessary to capture, change and improve. 

Read more below about our current fellows working in both our Cambridge and Detroit Offices.


Meet Emma: 

Emma Terrell is pursuing a Master’s in Arts in Education at the Harvard Graduate School of Education and previously received her Bachelor’s in Percussion Performance at Rice University. Her current research interests focus on investigating, designing, and implementing professional development opportunities on culturally-sustaining music education for teaching artists and arts educators. Emma comes to WolfBrown with a unique perspective as a performer, educator, professional development facilitator, and budding arts researcher. During her time in Boston, Emma has engaged with the local performing arts community, working with Storytime Quintet, Gamelan Galak Tika, Melrose Symphony Orchestra, and MIT Symphony Orchestra.


Emma is thrilled to join WolfBrown, as she is drawn to the organization’s multifaceted approach to helping arts and cultural organizations create effective and relevant educational programs. She is assisting Dennie Palmer Wolf in relation to the William Penn Foundation to explore how teaching artists in the greater-Philadelphia area are using technology-enhanced arts education to create equitable and accessible arts experiences.

Meet Matthew: 

Matthew Garcia is a Junior at Harvard College concentrating in Human Developmental and Regenerative Biology. He joins Wolfbrown to support the research and evaluation projects of Dr. Dennie Palmer Wolf. A product of a public school education, Matthew is an advocate for educational equity in the historically inaccessible worlds of the arts and academia. He founded Through the Staff, a 325-staff member international non-profit that has provided over $500,000 of free virtual private lessons to underserved young musicians, and the Pre-College Research Institute, a new national non-profit dedicated to increasing the representation of BIPOC high-school students in research. Also a budding scientist, he is fascinated by the therapeutic potential of stem cells and conducts research on cardiac regeneration in the Ott Lab at Massachusetts General Hospital's Center for Regenerative Medicine.

Matthew is excited to apply his passions for research, advocacy, and music to projects at Wolfbrown that will help create a more inclusive and accessible arts field for all.


Meet The Team


Meet Marco: 

Marco Emilio Bruscoli is completing a master’s degree in performing arts management at Accademia Teatro alla Scala and Politecnico di Milano’s Graduate School of Business. He completed an internship with WolfBrown in January 2022 and will continue his research into digital, immersive and virtual arts and entertainment projects as a Research Fellow.

The commercial entertainment sector is pivoting rapidly towards immersive and virtual experiences. During the Covid-19 pandemic we have seen massive levels of commercial investment in highly interactive and immersive experiences, while nonprofits have been closed down and slowly reopening with pre-pandemic programming. Marco is pleased to be working with WolfBrown to support the nonprofit arts sector in coming to grips with this tectonic shift in public tastes and consumer behaviors.